Jolly Good Music E.L.O Style

I don’t know how many of you (If any) who actually read my ramblings remember the band E.L.O (Electric Light Orchestra).

If you don’t know the band, then you’ll almost certainly have at least heard "Mr Blue Sky" played at some point, on TV or in an Advert of some description.

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An alternitive rock band to get excited about.

Yes… you see it right… for once a non computer related post 🙂

and yes I am feeling ok….

If you like classic rock songs, and like me get bored with the so called modern "New Rock" bands, then check out the Leftovas.  These guys are headed by the brother of a good friend of mine, prepared to travel, prepared to do almost any gig, and play some belting tunes….

You can visit the Leftovas web site here :