Linux command line tricks

It’s been a little while since I posted something ultra geeky and ultra useful, so after been spurned on by a post that I answered earlier today on the LinkedIn, Open source group, I thought I’d do a little snippet on some useful tricks, and Impart some Linux/Unix goodness with you all.

A word of warning, what I’m about to show you is ubhergeek command line & I.T Ninja based stuff, so if your not comfortable typing in strange strings of commands, and prefer the cuddly warmth of a gooey clicky rodent, then this is probably not for you, on the other hand if your curious and want a little taste of what you can do at a CLI or in a console window, then please do continue reading.

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Panda Anti virus? More like Panda Pain in the A**

Panda Anti Virus + Firewall is no more, it has been removed from my PC and now ceases to live on my systems… why?  well let me tell you….

Everything started well, pandasoftware had a trial version that lasts 30 days which i downloaded, and which installed easily and without a fuss.  Up until now I’ve always used AVG, but lately it started to get very annoying with it’s constant false positives, telling me I had "Win32/Themida" and "Win32/Heur" in almost every file on my system (which for the record neither of them are a virus grisoft, so please STOP scaring people into believing they are!!)

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One cisco router and the case of the phantom ports

Ok, an apology first, yes I know it’s been nearly a month since my last one but I’ve been busy, and secondly i did have some more asterisk goodies but that will have to wait until next time.

So let’s begin…

Some of you may have heard of the excellent tool for mapping your networks called "look@lan" (Recentley renamed to ‘Fing’), I’ve used it off and on here and there for some time now, and was just doing some routine lan scanning and mapping to make sure everything was as it should be.

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Asterisk, Voip and IP Telephony.

I’ve spent the weekend playing with some VoIP technologies, in the hopes that eventually I’ll be able to fully automate my home telephone system. It all started a while back when I obtained a “BT Voyager 10V” combined, router, VoIP, hub type thing..  ( I use the term Thing loosely here.. Tongue out ) and being the type of person I am, I thought why should i be tied to only using this thing with BT?

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Cisco @ Home

So there I was sitting here the other day, after a busy day of fire-fighting with the trojan infection that got into my network, and it occurred to me that I have a hardware firewall that I never use.

More’s the point, my router has very nice hardware firewall capabilities built into it that I simply wasn’t using, time to explore I thought……… Continue reading “Cisco @ Home”