A Twitter Scam

Just a quick post folks to warn you about a scam currently doing the rounds on Twitter.

A user by the name of “Diane Shannon” will attempt to contact you via twitter direct messages (There are likely to be other names too, and this one will most likely stop getting used once this blog gets out).

It’s obvious that the user name is auto generated using some kind of algorithm as we have a prefix, then what looks like a random 4 digit number in my case “@Dianesh69035381”

The hook line is basically that you’ve won 600k USD in the Twitter sweepstakes, and her job is to help you claim your prize.

Rather than words, I’ll just paste in my brief conversation with her below:

Stay safe on social media folks, don’t let the “Diane Shannons” of the world scam you in any way.


Small Update

It appears that she didn’t like my post 🙂

and I’m not allowed to talk to her anymore, oh well…. 🙂



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