I’m Looking for a .NET Developer

If your reading this now (2017+) then the position is no longer vacant

Now before you all start getting super exited, and reaching for your CV’s (or your Marketing packs if your a recruiter):


If you are “Best Web Design Company Ever!! anywhere in world!!” or any other cheap as chips offshore hack & slash disaster creating web shop, please don’t bother, I’ll just ignore you.

If your a recruiter and/or recruitment agency trying to tout me for business, don’t bother, I’ll just ignore you.

This IS NOT an advert for Digital Solutions (Which is my company) this is a favor that I’m doing for a client of my company, and any contacts that fit the bill will be passed straight to them.

There are a few more restrictions too:

You must be UK based, sorry but there’s NO visas/relocation fees/immigration stuff or anything like that available, so please don’t ask.

There’s also NO remote working, this is an in person position located in Nottingham in the United kingdom. If you can’t get to Nottingham, or are not prepared to commute to Nottingham, then again, please don’t ask because the answer is no.

This is a Permanent role, NOT a Contract role, so you’ll need to be a UK citizen and have the clearance to work in the UK already

Ok, now I’ve got the boiler plate stuff out the way, this is what my Client is looking for:

Essential Skills:

Great Java Script skills (Preferably working to ES6 and other modern day JS features), you’ll actually be working with Typescript rather than direct JavaScript.

I Can’t stress this one enough… you MUST have really good native JavaScript skills, just knowing JQuery and a little bit of JS will not be any good, you will be working VERY heavily with JavaScript and LOT’S of it as the project in question will have a very code heavy User Interface, if your not very strong in the JavaScript arena, then this role is not for you

With Java Script you should ideally have used or be able to use

  • Knockout JS
  • Require JS

and understand things like “Web Components” and “AMD Module loading”

You should have a very good knowledge of .NET 4+ and the C# Language and should be familiar with patterns such as MVC and MVVM and also be prepared to use C/C++ based COM components from within .NET code.

Preferred Skills:

A working knowledge of the NancyFX micro web framework is desired but not essential

you should also have strong OOP software design knowledge and know some basic design patterns such as “Singleton”, “Factory” and “Builder”

Familiarity with developing web applications using Visual Studio on the Windows Platform ideally under IIS7 or later

Good all round software development skills, able to be given a task and work out the best way to do it without guidance

Nice to haves

Great problem solving skills

The ability to think on your feet and change tactics at a moments notice

About my Client

My Client operates the R&D arm of a very large American parent company, you’ll be expected to come up with new ideas and new technology based on fresh ideas, some of which may never have even seen the light of day before

They have great Offices and a very relaxed working environment, with some great people

and now the final part:

If you want to find out more, or apply for this, then tweet me as @shawty_ds on twitter, sending me a contact EMail, which I’ll pass onto my Client.

If you don’t want to send a tweet to me drop me an email at

shawty.d.ds+rc AT googlemail.com

NOTE: Please don’t attach CV’s, Letters, Experience or anything like that, it’s not me that’s recruiting, it’s my client, all I’ll be doing is passing them a list of email addresses, what happens after that is up to them.


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