My 6th Syncfusion E-Book has been released

So here it is at last, my Syncfusion Succinctly E-Book on CSS3

100 Pages of info all about the latest CSS specification for those wanting to learn it, as pleased as I am with it however, there was a huge amount I had to leave out of it.

covering everything about CSS3 presents an absolute monster amount of information to get through, so I’ve tried to pick a balance of topics and include a lot of usefull information that you can use every day, alongside some of the “WOW Factor” stuff you can use to impress your bosses and clients.

I could actually have gotten at least another two full books just on things like animation and UI construction (Maybe I will in the future), but for now I hope what you find in here helps you achieve the designs and web applications you hope to.

If you’d like to down load a copy FREE just click on the thumbnail below:

css3 thumbnail

If your interested in any of the other books I’ve written, you can find a full list of them here along with links to download them too

If you’d like me to do some writing for you, please contact me, you can email me at shawty.d.ds at , or you can ping me using twitter as @shawty_ds

Book number 7 for the Syncfusion range is currently in production, but I’m not revealing what it is just yet….

Hope you enjoy this one…. and don’t forget to follow and retweet @syncfusion to say thank you for making these books available to busy developers everywhere.



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