Free SQL Server Training Events (UK)

The SQL Relay road show is in full effect again in the UK this October.

Here are the details for those who are wanting to attend (I’m thinking of attending the Newcastle one)

Status Date Location Tracks URL
Open 13/10/14 Reading SQL, Business Intellegence
Open 14/10/14 Southampton SQL, Business Intellegence, Development
Sold Out 15/10/14 Bristol SQL, Business Intellegence
Open 16/10/14 Cardiff SQL, Business Intellegence, Alternate Tech
Open 27/10/14 Newcastle-upon-Tyne SQL, Business Intellegence
Open 28/10/14 Leeds SQL, Business Intellegence, Cloud
Open 29/10/14 Birmingham SQL, Business Intellegence
Sold Out 30/10/14 London SQL, Business Intellegence

If your wanting more info or would like to register, visit one of the links in the table above

If you want more information, tweet @SteffLocke on twitter

I might even see you at the Newcastle event

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