Yes I am still alive……

and yes, I do know that it’s nearly the middle of the year and this is my first post of 2013. (I seem to be getting later with these things every year…)

So what’s going on in shawty’s world….

Lidnug continues to go from strength to strength, just look at all the events we have coming up this year, and there’s more to come :

Iv’e had my first E-Book finally published by Syncfusion on the subject of GIS and Mapping, and how to write a GIS app in .NET ( ) and I’m currently in the process of writing a second one all about the “Postgres Database” which, while it won’t be GIS specific, it will cover some GIS concepts as that is one of Postgres’s strengths.

Iv’e also been doing some more work on that eternal running project of re-designing the Lidnug Website, which we’ve used Sync-fusions Metro Studio to create the Icons, all of which are great value and can be downloaded free from their website.

Iv’e also released my first Pluralsight video ( ) and am in the process of creating some outlines for more….

All of that, while continuing to build some fantastic .NET software for various projects via my own company Digital Solutions UK


So as you can see Iv’e had an incredibly busy start to my year, and I promise NOT to leave my first post of the year so long next time.



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