DDD North 2012 – Post event

In my last post I mentioned that DDD North 2 was fast approaching.

Well as predicted it did not disappoint.  This year I was presenting on the subject of Spatial SQL, which almost had to be cancelled due to a failed Microsoft Security update to my Laptop just before I was due to go on.

Fortunately I was able to secure a Laptop to use, and even though I only got to do Slides rather than any tech demo’s, everything seemed to go quite well.  There seemed to be quite a positive atmosphere in the room, and I got asked a few questions afterwards.

Syncfusion sponsored my talk and via there Free Succinctly Developer E-Book Series will be very soon publishing my book on developing GIS apps under .NET (Thanks guys) and hopefully maybe even some more in the future 🙂

At this point, if your one of the attendees, that came to my session I’d like to say a big thank you and a really do hope you got some value out of it.  Iv’e put my slide deck from the presentation up on line and it can be found on slide share:


After my session finished, and I’d packed up I decided to go and see Liam Westley’s ASync presentation (1 of the 2 sessions I wanted to watch) , Iv’e not done much with Async and I like very much what I see, in fact I recall sitting in the audience thinking to myself just how useful this stuff would be in processing the kinds of data I was talking about in my own session.

I was also very impressed by the live coding demo and am going to take a closer look at it hopefully in the very near future, I can already think of one use to put it to in a current project I have open.

After the break it had to be Gary Short’s Rasberry-Pi session ( the second of the 2 I really wanted to see ) as expected Gary laid it down low with his usual blend of Scottish Humour and down right technical prowess, an me?  Well I was delighted to learn that everything I do now is completely transferable, which means I can start writing some kick ass stuff as soon as mine get’s delivered (and I have some awesome Ideas )

By the time the afternoon came, Fridays late(ish) night in the hotel bar (and tour around Bradford scoffing curry) was starting to creep up on me, so I chilled a bit with the other presenters and caught up with things in the Atrium.

I also sat and had an quite interesting chat with Dean (and I think Simon??? or was it Mark???) from RedGate about geospatial technologies, mobile computing and the Postgres database in general, and I have to say we both agree that Postgres is a mighty fine database with some very unique and powerful features, if you push Entity Framework out of the equation it’s also just as easy to use PG in a .NET application as it is any other database.

After the sessions had finished, all the attendees gathered in the Atrium for the raffle results, messages and prize give-away’s.  I was a bit far away from those calling the prizes out to hear everything that was given, but it was very obvious that there was a LOT of quality things given out.  Major congratulations if you where a winner and I hope you got something that will be very useful to you in your development career.

The night was rounded off by a fantastic Indian buffet at Aagrah Indian restaurant in the Shipley area of Bradford, the buffet was very nice but even though I wanted to eat the entire table I was just a bit curried out from the massive meal we all had on Friday night.

After the geek dinner we all returned to the hotel where most of the presenters and event staff where staying and in true geek spirit hit the bar and consumed vast amounts of alcohol.

I was one of the last 3 standing along with James Murphy and Chris Alcock (of .NET morning brew fame) and eventually left the hotel bar at 2:30am on Sunday morning.

Following what seemed like a very short amount of sleep, breakfast time came too soon, and eventually it was time for everyone to head back off their separate ways and go home.

Events like these I believe are very important to the community as they help distribute knowledge around the community as well as promoting the exchange of Ideas and techniques.  I have every faith that there was a huge amount of happy geeks that left Bradford University on Saturday evening, hopefully we’ll see most of you again at next years event.

In the mean time, here are all the links I know about so far that relate to DDD North and everything that happened.














Hope to see you all again next year


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