Stop the Scammers

It’s a reasonably well-known fact that the internet is full of villans and scam artists, whats not always so obvious are the methods they use to trick people into parting with their hard-earned cash.

One of the more rampant scams at the moment is the indian call center scam, and it usually works in a similar fashion to the following:

Telephone rings….
Indian voice announces, hello we are company X and we are the official support for Microsoft windows.

The caller then goes on to say that they have been given your number by Microsoft (or similar) to contact you because your computer is damaged/infected with a virus or some other scare story designed to frighten you.

Most of the computer savvy folks at this point will spot the scam and know that Microsoft NEVER (or have anyone on their behalf) phone end users to fix issues with the windows operating system, you can find Microsoft’s official advice on the subject HERE

A lot of us in the professional I.T community also get these phone calls, and we make a point of tieing them up so that we waste their time, and stop them calling more vulnerable and less savvy computer users but there is only so much we can do.

A good friend and fellow I.T proffesional Troy Hunt MVP (@troyhunt on twitter) has for a second time managed to record one of these calls and waste their time for a good 45 minutes.

We must stop these idiots getting through to people who don’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late, so please take a look at the latest recording on Troy’s blog

and educate all your family & friends to this menace so that they can no longer scam innocent people into parting with money that they do not deserve.

If you have a problem with your PC, then please contact your local computer support company or shop and have them look at it.

Please remember, Microsoft do not and never have employed support personnel to telephone you about your PC, unless you have first contacted them and have an ongoing support call.

If your already savvy to this scam, them please take a look anyway, it’s highly amusing 🙂

Be safe on-line.



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