Upcoming Lidnug Events

Hello Hello Hello….

Ok so it’s yet not another Technical post I know, I apologise and I will get something interesting done soon, I promise….

In the meantime I just wanted to update people on the latest happenings with Lidnug.

First off we have a new member on the team, David Haney. David recently did an MVC3 session for us, and his all round knowledge in .NET and ASP is awesome so I hope you’ll join me in welcoming him to the team.

Upcoming Presentations

First off, the Scott-Gu presentation we where supposed to have this week has now been moved to June 23.

Coming up next week we have a two parter running over 2 days, with Zain Naboulsi’s visual studio tips and tricks. For those who don’t know Zain used to be a part of the Lidnug team, and is a senior Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. He’s currently got a book on VS tips and tricks in the works which is due for publishing very soon. We’ve had Zain do these sessions before and there’s some awesome stuff to be learned about visual studio that’s often NOT found in the normal documentation.

As always you can find our full event schedule, and join up for the events on our eventbrite page Here

Don’t forget, you can participate in Lidnug now just by visiting our official home on Linked-in http://www.linkedin.com/groups/LinkedNET-Users-Group-LIDNUG-43315 without needing a Linked-in membership now, as we have become an open group.

You can also find our previous presentations at the Lidnug.org web site www.lidnug.org in the archives section.

Best regards



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