2010 A Year in reflection.

Well as 2010 draws to a close, I thought I’d wrap up my final post this year with some of my highlights and thoughts about where I am now and where I may be heading next year.

The first thing I’ll come straight out with is the regrets that I just didn’t get to cover/learn everything that I wanted too, and for me that’s a lot. I did get to dabble with some of the new tech out there, but not to the level I’d hoped.

I did get to play quite a bit with Entity Framework, but I’d like to have gotten in much deeper with things like the Code First ability’s, I also got stuck quite heavily into MVC 2 in the .NET space and Code Igniter in the PHP Space.

Regrettably Iv’e not yet got chance to get a feel for the new Async features coming out in the next release of C# & VB.NET despite getting very fired up about them all at this years PDC.

Iv’e also been desperately trying to kick-start doing some more technical writing (Sorry Iv’e not been in touch Rich) and have at least tossed a few Ideas around that may still end up getting published on “Dev Guru” , my writings and my Blog sadly have been the first to suffer as Iv’e gotten more busy, but I am going to try and remedy that this year and I promise to make more of an effort to get my Blog back on track.

My Highlights this year where getting down to Reading for this years PDC and my Appointment of employment with tombola Bingo, I truly am working along side some very very talented guys in this new position, and I’m learning from them just as I hope they may be learning from an Old dog like me. So far Iv’e made some fantastic new friends, and I hope things continue to go from strength to strength.

This year wasn’t without it’s down sides and resulted in some messy goings on from previous contracting roles, but lessons where learned bridges where built and eventually everyone walked out amicably, will I ever go back to contracting, that depends, in the foreseeable future I doubt very much I will, but further down the line who knows.

While still on the Job front, I’m pleased to say that I got one of the outstanding products released for Enablecom. As you may or may not know in May this year I was made redundant from Enablecom due to lack of funds to keep me employed, EC had a bold Idea for making some GPS software to help manage the speed on the UK’s roads, after this happened I volunteered to keep plodding on with writing code for the various products, and this lead to one of the things we’d been working on been adopted by a larger mapping company as part of one of their own products.

I have gotten through a number of books this year, but the 2 that stick in my mind are:

Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# & VB, published by Wrox press : ISBN – 9780470502204
Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX – Architecting Web Applications : ISBN – 9780735626218

I have some new ones on my list for 2011, but I’ll not spoil the surprise, I’ll tell you about them as I read them.

In my personal Life, I now also have a Black and White cat called Rufus
Rufus my new cat
and as ever my long bearing (Widow to Technology) Wife is still beside me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So now comes the point of all this.

Am I where I thought I would be by this time this year, no not at all, I had visions of still being with Enablecom and being several products further on by now, am I sad that things turned out how they did? Not at all, things may have took a different path but that’s what I think keeps life interesting.

No doubt 2011 will bring it’s own unique challenges, and I’ll try to keep up with them right here as they do.

For now though , I’d like to say a very big thank you to the following people for having faith in me, and helping me to progress to newer and better potential.

Laura Sharpe : Sharpe Recruitment
tombola Ltd
Mike Taulty : Microsoft UK (For helping get Lidnug on the UK map)

and the many hundreds of others that I deal with both on the Internet and elsewhere, everyone plays a part no matter how small.

and Last but not Least

The biggest thank you of all goes out to my Long suffering wife/partner Sam “Mrs Shawty” Shaw, none of what Iv’e accomplished in this year and previous could I ever have done without the knowledge that she was right there behind me, pushing me, encouraging me and helping me, your the best thing a Geek like me could ever hope for.

To everyone else, I wish you all a very very prosperous 2011 for now however it’s time for me to sleep, see you all next year.


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