UK PDC Part 2

So what went down this year then?

Well lot’s of things really, there was the usual feast of technical goodness that Microsoft and the UK Developer Evangelism team so graciously provided, and there was an absolute mountain of Pizza, that had to be replenished with new stock mid way through (Man us geek’s can’t half eat) there was the usual minor hiccups when technology and video feeds decided they wanted to play their own game, and well the general atmosphere that usually surrounds these events.

On a more serious note however, the Keynote was delivered spot on by Steve Balmer and a quick appearance by Scott-Gu, and as usual they did so with the enthusiasm that you would expect from them, the main topic of the Keynote was (No surprise) HTML 5 and what it means for MSFTs vision of the future web. We saw some of what’s being added to IE9 and also got the links to download the latest preview, I was particularly impressed by the GPU accelerated graphics demo’s inside an IE9 application, I can see a brave new future where IE can compete with games on the desktop, and it’s not too far away.

After the keynote and after munching some Pizza, I went upstairs for anders hejlsberg’s speech on the new additions to the C# & VB run-times, the new Async code stuff looks potentially very useful, especially in the UI space (and come on everyone we know the UI is king these days) , anything that keeps impatient users from waiting has to be worth something. Unfortunately I can’t help thinking that it’s going to be one of those technologies that get’s overused for all the wrong reasons, and ends up causing more problems than it’s designed to solve.

Following on from that (still upstairs) I then watched the session for the future of Code First Entity framework, and I really do like what I see, the first thing that springs to mind is the ever popular subject of keeping web.config files in sync when developing in a project team, this has been the pain of many a developers life when syncing via SVN and code first EF with it’s ability to create the database could be an answer to that, we shall have to wait and see.

Unfortunately the video gremlins snook in while we where all watching Anders do a Q&A with @ch9live so we had a bit of a rocky presentation, but it’s all on-line to watch later, so I’ll be re-reviewing everything once I get back home.

There was some interesting new stuff shown, the new WP7 profiler tool looks like every mobile developers dream, and I’m going to be diving into that myself soon enough, IE9 lot’s of additions there and some new caching services being made available to the Cloud via Azure, we also got to hear that the latest CTP of Code first EF (CTP5) will be released next month, CTP5 will be the LAST CTP build of Code first, with the entire thing going into production build Q1 2011.

If you want to see all the chatter from myself and everyone else that attended then search your twitter client for the hash tag #ukpdc10 you’ll find everything you need to know, as well as that you can follow me as always on twitter @shawty_ds

all in all it was a fantastic evening, and one that I’m already looking forward to again next year, all that remains to be said now is a great big thank you to MS, but particularly to the guys running the show:

“Mike Taulty” (@mtaulty)
“Marc Holmes” (@marcholmes)
“Simon May” (@simonster)
“Mike Ormond” (@MikeOrmond)
and whoever was behind the scenes of @ukmsdn

Without you and the rest of the UK Developer Evangelisim team, none of this would be possible, we’d really like to get you all into a presentation for @Lidnug sometime.

Shawty signing off.


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