PDC2010 UK

As many of you know I’ll be attending the UK leg of this years PDC gig from Microsoft. I’ll be at the MSFT Headquarters in Reading England, and I’ll have a very Limited number of Lidnug T-Shirts to hand out.

It’s not still too late to register, and you can find out all you need here:


The usual suspects will be around too such as “Mike Taulty” (@mtaulty) and the other UK Developer evangelists too, such as “Marc Holmes” (@marcholmes) , “Simon May” (@simonster) and “Mike Ormond” (@MikeOrmond), the Agenda will be covering the recent launch of the new Windows Phone 7 and a good chunk of stuff on the new Cloud Services and a Deep Dive into the new frameworks.

The full agenda is available on the update site at the link above and you can follow preccedings @ukmsdn, if your not attending then be sure to watch my Twitter stream @shawty_ds As I’ll be Tweeting from the event while I’m there filling you all in on the details of whats happening.

So Until next time, Let the Code flow



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