The Future of AJAX is available, and it’s here right now.

Every now and then something comes along that completely re-invents the way we do things.

A couple of years back that thing was AJAX, and it gave rise to the whole ethos that today we call "Web 2.0".  On the back of this, C# and the .NET framework have had numerous tool-kits produced to leverage AJAX functionality and to go back to the web roots with design patterns such as MVC.

Could all of this ease of use get … well….  any easier?

What if I told you, it was now possible not only to leverage AJAX functionality with great ease, but that you can now create ASP.NET web apps in C# (or any other .NET language) but use design strategies that work and feel exactly as though you where creating a desktop app using windows forms.

YES…  you DID hear me right……


Not so long ago (approx 24 hours to be exact) I would never have dreamed of using those 2 phrases in the same document, never mind the same sentance, but all that changed when I saw Gaiaware Ajax.

It’s been a long time since any tool-kit has really made me sit up and really pay attention to what I was looking at, we had the Chief Architect ‘Jan Blomquist’ presenting for us on Lidnug tonight (March 10th 2010) and what I saw was without a doubt one of those moments.

How Jan and his team have managed to fit so much into a couple of DLL’s is quite beyond me, and if your just making the move from desktop to web development then Gaia is the way to go.

As always with any presentations we do on Lidnug, the recording will be available for download in a couple of days, and you can see for yourself just what a remarkable bit of kit it is.

If you can’t wait until then you can view the on-line samples Here and the main site can be found Here , there’s one crucial detail I’ve left off, use of the Library is free and under an Open Source GPL License.

It may be a while until my next post….   I’m off to explore and see what I can build with it.

Happy Coding



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