Scott GU – Developers Q&A number III

As anticipated the Talk was a big success, and as usual we had large numbers of people tuning in (I counted at least 300+ at one point) , all in all though Scott did his usual fine job of delivering those ever precious nuggets of .NET goodness we’ve all come to know about.

The questions where coming in at a furious rate and by the end of it all there where some left un-answered (apologies to those who’s questions where left), as usual myself and Brian hung on for a while afterwards while we finished up doing the recordings and making sure everything was wrapped up neatly.

We also tried somthing new this time round, and we where inviting Twitter users to fire questions at us directly from twitter by using the following Tag

@ScottGu #LidnugLiveQ <your question goes here>

This worked rather well, but due to the way Live meeting works, Lidnug staff where only able to add one question at a time into the Q&A, for the next session  however we are working on some Ideas that will make this much more usable in the future.

Scott has now committed to coming back to us every Quarter, so we should see him again some time in February 2010.

For those of you who missed the show you can download the recording in MP3 format from the Lidnug web site at

along with all our previous sessions from other presenters, so jump yourself over and see what you missed.

If any of you out there in .NET land have any ideas then please drop by our Linked-in group at

and let us know your thoughts, we want to build the Lidnug community for all of you out there in your little corner of the IT world.

Scott also has a post on his blog about the talk, which you can find at

Thanks again Scott for a fascinating round of high quality, rapid fire Q&A.

All the best



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