Scott Gutherie returns to LIDNUG!!

One week to go dear readers 🙂

and The GU is back with us at LIDNUG!!! (23rd October 2009) What will (we hope) make this session extra special is that he will be hosting the "Developers Q&A" directly on his return from PDC09 in Las-Vegas.

As previously mentioned Scott has confirmed that he’ll do a Developers Q&A once a quarter with the Lidnug team, and like all the other events I think he’ll enjoy getting stuck in and answering your questions.

There’s still seating space, and like all of our events you can register for the presentation at Linked-in by visiting the following URL :

PS: Don’t forget, there are other sources of LIDNUG goodness available
in the form of twitter and our Lidnug.Org site, and you can also become
a LIDNUG fan at our LIDNUG/Facebook fan page.

Twitter address :

Lidnug Web Site :

Lidnug Facebook fanpage :

and you can keep upto date with all the events and presentations we host by using the following links to get our calendars :

Web Calendar (HTML):

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Hope to see you there…..



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