Programming Efficiency

As a member and group manager on the Linked-in .NET (Lidnug) users group, I get involved in some rather intresting discussions.

One such one that came to light recently was all to do with how much time you spend programming vs how much time you don’t in an average day doing your job as a developer.

One of the members on lidnug Ray Almonte recently conducted a survey across several developer related groups on Linked-in, and got some very surprising results.

From my take on interruptions by PM’s, Managers, Business units and others, to opinions on lead time into R&D, and subconsious thinking time from others.  I’ve got to say it made for some interesting, and enlightening reading.

Next time your trying to work out where most of your dev time on a project is spent, it’s worth reading Ray’s Blog on the subject and seeing if your utilising your dev teams time in a productive manner.


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