Geocities. End of an Era

Hands up how many of you got your first taste of freedom on the internet via Geocities?

Well if like me you did, you’ll know what a wonderful and vibrant place it was back then.  I met a huge amount of people back then (which sadly all except one or two iv’e lost touch with)

Geocities, and Geochat where way ahead of thier time, and had really vibrant social communities way before the likes of Facebook, MySpace and all the many others that have sprung up since the web 2 era was born.

The concept was deceptively simple too, the entire site was set up like a virtual city, with different neighbourhoods.  Those people who where into computers, socialised and had their websites in the "Computers & programming" neighbourhood, if you where into fasion, then you stayed in that neighbour hood and so on.

Each community had at it’s centre a chat room, decorated out in that community’s theme and colours, and you had "Marshals" who where recruited by the Geocities staff them selves to help run the communities they where involved in.

I had some great fun in there, and up until just very recently, I still maintained a presence for my software company on there, it’s sad to see it go.

Out of interest if anyone out there reading this remembers me (I’ve always gone by the name of shawty) then please do get in touch, I still have the same yahoo email address I had back then, or leave me a message via MSN Live spaces and my Guest book on here 🙂

For now though, Geocities I bid you a fond fair well, may you rest in peace.

BBC News have also covered the story here


One thought on “Geocities. End of an Era

  1. There was a time when it was the place too chat, the pepole were fun and vibrant. It changed much when Geo Cities was purchased by Yahoo it just seemed too slowly go down hill. Sad to say I dwill miss it.

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