Local Heros

Everyone of us knows someone who we’d class as a local hero.  You know, that person who hardly says anything, keeps them selves to them selves, and just gets on with life.

But when something needs to be done, or you need a helping hand, or some action needs to be taken that person is at the front of the queue making sure that it does happen.

Well recently, a rather unlikely local hero was bought to my attention, a young fellow by the name of "Liam" whom I used to work with, last time I saw Liam he was quite a well rounded chap (I hope you don’t have a fit for me saying that 🙂   ), and like a lot of us, kept himself to himself, went to work, did his job, went home did the family thing, went to work….    you get the picture.

About a year and a half ago, I left the company where we both worked, and bar the occasional email, I didn’t really keep in touch all that much.

A month or so ago I received an Email from him asking me to sponsor him as he was entering the "Great North Run" and he presented a link to his "Just Giving charity page" and I have to say, It was a bit of a shock to see a ‘Not so well rounded’ chap.

The moral of all this?

Liam in the space of a year has shed all the excess weight that he had, got himself extremely fit, and is now raising large sums of money for a charity that he believes deserves a Local hero to take some action for,  if this can’t serve as an inspiration to most of us who (Myself included) are overweight and/or not as fit/healthy as we could be, then I doubt that anything will.

I believe that Liam deserves all the praise he gets for doing what he did, and I hope he continues to keep up the good work, beacuse I for one will always support him as long as I’m able to do, and I’ll happily publicise and spread the news about any future events he chooses to take part in, any way I can.

This year he managed to raise £536 in donations (from a target of £600) , and with the extras and the ‘Just Giving Contributions’ this is over the target mark.  Liam’s just giving page is still open and will remain active for a couple of weeks to come, so if like me you believe in Local heroes, then please pay a visit to his just giving page

Which can be found here

and tip a few quid.  Liam also managed a new personal best,  so I’d like to also say a very big "WELL DONE" for that, 1 hour 45mins and 44 secs is not a time to sniffed at, I would have collapsed in a heap after 30 seconds 😉

If you have your own local hero, please support them and encourage them to do marvellous things, every one can do a little good, even if it’s not direct action.


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