Thinking about open source.

Those who know me, know that I hang around the internet a little bit…..

Well, OK a lot….       Ok so you got me, I’m a cyberspace whore…. of sorts…   😉  hey my MSN Tag usually reads "Vagabond of the digital Highway" what more do you people want?

anyway… back to the matter in hand…

The internet is full of Open source projects, and every man and their dog is trying to be the next Web 2.0 superstar, I should know I’ve been there, and I’ve had my successes and my Failure’s,  I also spend quite a bit of time on Linked-In (My linked-In profile link is in the links to the left if your interested), and among the various people who like me haunt the digital ether, there are some very interesting discussions that get kicked up.

One that caught my eye recently was by a fellow user of linked-In’s open source group, and after asking some probing questions, and analysing the answers came up with a rather interesting blog post of her own as to why Open source projects often fail.

I’ve got to say, I found it very interesting reading, so rather than repeat any of it here I’ll encourage you to give Esthers post a read at:

and find out just why some people still think proprietary software still has the edge on open source.

I’ll be back soon in my next post with something a little more technical,  I’ve been doing to many of these touchy feely blogs for a while now…  <GRIN>

Until then, I’m gonna read Esthers report in detail and who knows, maybe I’ll re-launch somthing good with a whole new twist on it…


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