The UK Government and file sharing

Do you know what the UK gov is planning?

In the very near future?


Well let me tell you…..

It appears that we are to be monitored and if they "Think" (Think being the Key word here) your are sharing files illegally they will cut off your broadband connection…..   but!!!   don’t worry, they are going to be very fair about it, and only cut off people who they consider to moving too much data over their connection.

How much is too much?  Well that’s where the problem arises, acording to the sources I’ve researched, it will be based on a kind of fair usage scheme, where it will be decided on an individual case by case basis, and if there are a lot of complaints, then action will be taken….

So let me see if I’ve got this right…   If my neighbour runs an Internet radio station, and I don’t get on with him, I can complain to the gov several times, and they will look at his connection, see he moves quite a lot of data, and have him cut off?


Oh wait, that’s already been done….       twice that I know of, and each time the person in question had to prove that he wasn’t sharing files, but the complainant didn’t have to prove that he was!!!

Where’s the justice in that?

There is none.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating piracy here, but I’m fed up of our government allowing pressure groups to push them around, and get their own way.

We have the PC crowd, that won’t let you use the word "Gollywog" any more just in case   BOO HOO.

You can’t smoke in pubs, hell you can’t even smoke in an outdoors open sided bus shelter anymore, beacuse of the anti smoking Idiots (and before anyone gets on thier high horse about that one,  I gave up smoking quite some time ago, so I’m a NON-SMOKER now)

Oh and least we don’t forget the groups that forced our schools to do away with most forms of Discipline , which is now the reason why we have so many young hoodlums roaming the streets…  want me to continue?

For 10 years or more, our government has let itself be pushed about, rather than look at things from an Objective and sensible point of view, this whole broadband act is just another entry in that book, this time they’ve caved into the film & music industry groups.

I say it’s gone on for long enough, and it’s about time that we as citizens of the UK made our voices heard.  If you have a blog or web page, then please I urge you, put up your own article or post, lets use what little freedoms we have left to let everyone know.

Feel free to copy this post and email it, or link it to your own blog.

I also encourage you to make posts on places like the PC pro news site

Such as the post I placed there earlier today (shawty_ds)

UPDATE, it appears that the US Gov is also taking a similar draconian stance on this. see this article on slash dot:


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