Talking about Wrong forced upgrade for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x64 users (solutions inside for os_check

Just a quick little snippet for all you out there,

Jonathan Kay [MVP] explains how to solve the issue of MS’s blatant stupidity with regards to upgrading MSN Messenger.

Like myself, quite a few of you out there have been using MSN on XP64 & Win Server, only to be greeted by MSN stating you must upgrade  before you can sign in (What happened to choice MS???) and then when you click OK to upgrade, your told that it won’t work.

Well the good news is It can, and it does.

Pay Jonathan’s blog a visit if your having trouble, you’ll be sorted in no time,  and MS…..   please, please, please stop being anal’y retarded with stuff like this, just do what everyone else does…   Make a standard and stick to it, stop moving the goal posts every 5 minutes.

Jonathan’s blog entry can be found Here


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