Firebug – and some major geek kudos.

I don’t often write about individual teams, unless I have something really great to say, or some special thanks to give, and in this case it’s a little of both.

Those of you out there that are developers like me, and especially those in the web arena will know just what a PIA it is to debug client side code in Javascript.  What’s more, those of you who have to do this task often will (I hope) know about Firebug.

This wonderful little plug-in for Firefox has saved my bacon on numerous occasions, and was very instrumental in helping me learn AJAX and other technologies, and for the most part it sits there and leaves you alone until you need it, and when you press F12 the goodness that is easyness of life comes flowing ever forward.

Unfortunately I had a little mishap with it last week, when I upgraded to a new version, and found that it had broken my ability to edit this very blog that Im using to talk to you right now, after a little detective work and posting of a bug report on the Firebug bugtracker at Google-Code, the team have fixed said annoyance with the swiftness that mercury the winged messenger would be proud of 🙂

So now we come to the main reason for this post.

I’d like to say a great big thank you to John Barton and the Firebug team for a superb job well done.  Not only was it a speedy patch, but it worked first time too.  Keep up the good work, and keep on improving an already fantastic product (If it’s possible to improve it any further) beacuse I can now keep the debugger active, and still maintain my blog without having to disable it.

You can download Firebug at


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