Scott-Gu online developer meeting.

As I sit here typing this, I’m currently participating in a office live web meeting with none other than Scott-Gu, senior VP of development products for Microsoft.The general train of thought is where Silverlight is heading, and what can we expect to see for the future of ASP.NET-MVC/AJAX/Webforms, and also what’s coming up in the .NET4 runtime’s, and Visual studio 2010.

2 of the highlights so far are that Silverlight 3 is going to support multi touch monitors directly in the browser, and will still remain cross browser compatible., we are also going to see MVC mature through the MVC Futures project, promising things in this field include standard and data bound controls that work the same was as they do in web forms, something that truly will enable model & view separation from the underlying business logic.

VS2010 is also going to provide native support for test driven development, which will allow test harness creation, even before the methods to test have been developed, this will be extended not only to win-forms and standard win32 apps, but will also extend to Silverlight/WPF and browser environments.  More goodness in VS2010 will come in the form of VS including a lot of the property editors that are available in expression blend.

.NET4 is going to be a completley self contained framework, in otherwords it will require NO dependencies on any of the previous frameworks, but will still be useable side by side, along with this VS2010 is going to provide multi targeting for the different run-times, and will automaticly check what revisions are available on your PC and allow you to side by side target them.

Silverlight on the mobile platform is also gaining momentum, Nokia have included support in the latest Symbian builds, and it will be available for erlier Symbian based devices by plugins.  Testing is also taking place on the windows mobile platform and is progressing well.  Unfortunately however, it won’t be available on the iPhone anytime soon due to Apples reluctance to allow 3rd party development teams access to the SDK’s and to the OS, Microsoft have discussed this with them but alas to no avail at present.

VS2010 certainly looks as though it’s going to be a very exciting product, and like it’s predecessors is destined to make .NET development even more streamlined than ever, the future for deployment of MS applications in the web space is set for a future where restfull services, with really rich user interfaces that where once the domain of hardcore flash developers are now within the grasp of even the most basic of developers, combine this with the move into the cloud and the future looks to be a very bright one indeed.

Once i get my hands on the CTP’s and other beta goodies, I’ll post some more blog entries on how it all feels.


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