A Lovely Christmas Present for you all (Thanks to Syncfusion)

For those of you who knew it was coming, or just those of you who are looking for a quick developer friendly guide to the subject.

My fourth book in the Succinctly E-book series (Published by Syncfusion) was released today.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Succinctly follows on where my previous one on the version 2 framework of the same name, left off.

In the new release, I cover the minefield of upgrading from version 2 of Bootstrap to the new Version 3 framework, and along the way I show you the many pit falls, breaking changes and very major differences that have occurred between the two versions, which I then round off with a look at the new cool UI elements that have been added.

Any of you who are ASP.NET Mvc developers, will already know that MVC Version 4 (and also now version 5 – vNext) both ship with project templates based on Twitter Bootstrap version 3 and this book will show you everything you need to know to go beyond what the template provides for you.

You can find out more about this book, and the other books I’ve written in the series by Clicking Here.

You can view the entire collection of EBooks from Syncfusion by Clicking Here.

So from myself and our mutual friends at


I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and a fantastic new year.


HTML5 Validation

I recently got asked what HTML5 validation looks like.

Needless to say this was a bit of a strange question, but as I read on through the question, I realized that is wasn’t a case of not knowing what HTML5 validation looks like, but a case of where jQuery validation stopped and the HTML5 stuff started.

In this quick post, I’m going to briefly cover the HTML5 validation stuff in the hopes it’ll clear a few things up.
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Quick Update

Here I am, 9 months later… and yes I know I said I’d try to update this at least once a month.

Those of you who know me by know, knew that was not going to happen, however I do still remember that I have a personal blog, and I do have some posts lined up to do soon.

In the mean time, I do actually write professional blog posts for other companies, you can find one of them here:


What do I have in store for my word press blog, some interesting and quite long technical articles when I get around to writing them.

2013 Year end

As I sit here on Christmas eve, and look over what I’ve done this year I realize I’ve not blogged anywhere near as much as I said I would. Beacuse of this, I’m really going to try my best to blog at least once a month in 2014, and if I don’t then feel free to shout at me on twitter via @shawty_ds

So what have I learned this year…. well technology wise I’ve really got stuck back into using non .NET tools.
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